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Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Distinguished Professor -Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

For nearly four decades the Rosen laboratory has investigated the mechanisms of transport and detoxification of transition metals, heavy metals and metalloids in bacteria, yeast, protozoans, mammals and plants, from E. coli to humans. We identified most known arsenic detoxification genes and characterized their gene products at the biochemical and structural level.  In last few years we identified a new biogeocycle for organoarsenicals, including the ArsM As(III) SAM methyltransferase, the ArsI C-As lyase, the ArsH methylarsenite oxidase and the ArsP methylarsenite efflux permease. These enzymes and transporters transform and detoxify organoarsenical herbicides and antimicrobial growth promoters. Our research program is funded by NIH grants from NIGMS and NIEHS.

Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 1969

Everything arsenic

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