School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

2009 Graduates

Govindaraja Atikukke, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: The role of cyclin J in Drosophila oogenesis
Advisor: Russell Finley
Current position: Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, ITOS Oncology, Windsor, Canada

Jianglei Chen, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Structural and functional studies of MESD a specialized chaperone protein of LRP5/6 in
Wnt signaling
Advisor: Jianjun Wang

Hsueh-Liang Fu, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Mechanisms of arsenic detoxification
Advisor: Barry P. Rosen

Xuan Jiang, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Properties and Mechanism of Trivalent Arsenicals Transport by Mammalian Glucose
Permease GLUT1
Advisor: Barry P. Rosen

Arun Sivashanmugam, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Structural Studies and Functional Characterization of Exchangeable Apolipoproteins in
Lipoprotein Formation and Transport
Advisor: Jianjun Wang

Ravikiran Yedidi, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Structure Based Design of Potent Inhibitors Against Multidrug-Resistant HIV-1
Protease Variants
Advisor: Ladislau Kovari
Current Position: Visiting Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Ann Kotsis (Einarsson), M.S.(non-thesis)