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Student Spotlight - Yuanyuan Jiang

On July 24th, 2014, Yuanyuan Jiang successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Structural Basis of Epigenetic Regulation and Protein Scaffolding in Development and Diseases". Her committee members, Drs.Brian Edwards, Timothy Stemmler, Ashok Bhagwat and her doctoral advisor, Dr. Zhe Yang, have all praised her research accomplishments. Yuanyuan's doctoral dissertation resulted in 8 peer-reviewed publications and 2 conference abstracts; 1 recently submitted manuscript and 1 book chapter in preparation. Yuanyuan was also awarded multiple honors, including the Thomas C. Rumble University Graduate Fellowship, Graduate Student Professional Travel Awards and Dr. C.P. Lee Graduate Student Travel award. Yuanyuan was born and raised in China, and she received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University of China of China, Xi'an, China in 2008. Yuanyuan joined Dr. Zhe Yang's laboratory in 2009 and her research work has been focused on the structural and functional analysis of histone methyltransferases and scaffold protein that involved in development and diseases. Yuanyuan will join professor Zeng-quan Yang's laboratory at Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. She will continue her studies on breast cancer research.