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Yuefei Huang
(313) 577-2682

B.S. in Microbiology from Sichuan University in P.R.China

Research interests: Studying protein folding inside of the mammalian cells. My present project focuses on LDL Receptor-Related Protein 6 (Lrp6), which plays an important role in Wnt Canonical Pathway. The propeller/EGF repeat 1 of Lrp6 is first purified from the high-yield expression of the engineered E.Coli. Then the purified protein is delivered into the mammalian cells where certain cell process can make the protein be folded properly and biologically active. Further in vivo research on protein structure and function is to be pursued.

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Joined Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as graduate student in 2005 in IBS program.

Advisor: Dr. Jianjun Wang