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Robert M. Johnson
Professor Emeritus

My lab is interested in two different areas, although both have something to do with the human erythrocyte. We work on the effect of oxidative damage on erythrocyte function, using mice with a genetically engineered deletion of enzymes of oxidative defense. These mice are prepared by Dr. Ye-Shih Ho of our department. Dr. Ho is also a member of Wayne�s Institute of Toxicology. In addition, we work on the control of hemoglobin transcription, using a comparative and evolutionary approach. The polypeptide composition of hemoglobin changes during embryonic development. This is called "globin switching". Our approach is to examine the switch in primate species closely related to humans, in which the switching program is subtly different. By examining promoter regions from genes that turn on at different points in embryogenesis, we are able to pinpoint promoter changes that mediate the timing of the developmental switch.

Ph.D. Columbia University, NY, NY, 1970

Research Areas: Structure and function of erythrocyte membranes; anti-oxidants; globin gene expression



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