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Wayne State University School of Medicine

Admission Requirements

General Information
Entry into the doctoral program is available only once a year, in September. Applicants to the program should present a bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0. Degrees in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, physiology and related areas are preferred, although other majors are acceptable if they include a suitable amount of science coursework. Of particular interests to the Admissions Committee is any experience in doing experimental research. This experience should be described in the Personal Statement (see below) and also noted in the student’s curriculum vitae. A copy of any abstracts or papers on which the applicant is a co-author should be included. Additional requirements include the results of a recent Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken within the last three years, three letters of reference, official transcripts of coursework, official degree certificates (if applicable) and a Personal Statement. This last document should be no longer than two single spaced pages in length and should include a description of the development of the applicant’s interest in science, detailed research experience, faculty or area of research in the department that are of particular interest to them as well as their long-term career objectives. The reference letters must have an official institution letterhead and be signed by the respondent.

Foreign Applicants
Application forms for admission to the Graduate School and a waiver of the application fee may be obtained from the Department’s Graduate Officer. Applications from overseas should present, in addition to the items listed above, a recent TOEFL score of at least 100, a certified English translation of any transcripts, and a small photograph signed on the back.

Application Deadline
The Admissions Committee begins considering complete applications for the following September in December of the prior year. There is no official deadline for the consideration of an application, but most positions in the program have been filled by the mid April.  Submitting the application early is advisable. If an application is favorably received, the student will then be contacted for an interview, by phone or in person, with two members of the committee. If feasible, students are encouraged to visit the department at this stage. On the basis of the results of this interview as well as the overall quality of the application, the Admissions Committee will decide whether to recommend admissions to the program. All successful applicants are awarded a generous stipend that covers both tuition and living expenses.

All application materials should be sent to:
Graduate Admissions Process