School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

2011 Graduates

Song Chen, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: The Role of Flash and Fam129B in Cancer Cell Survival and Apoptosis
Advisor: Dr. David Evans
Current Position: Post-Doc, University of Michigan

Sudipa Ghimirerijal, M.S.
Thesis title: Characterization of Poly (rC) binding protein (PCBP2) and its metal binding properties
Advisor: Dr. Tim Stemmler
Current position: Research Associate, Oakridge National Lab

Yuefei Huang, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: A Novel In Vitro Protein Refolding Technique
Advisor: Dr. Jianjun Wang
Current Position: Post-Doc, Child Health Institute of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School at Rutgers University

Amruta Jambekar, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Use Of Methionine Sulfoximine To Dissect the Role Of Glutamine Synthetase and
Glutamine In Progression Of Acute Liver Failure
Advisor: Dr. William Brusilow
Current Position: Post-Doc, Division of Molecular Medicine - Clinical Proteomics, St John's Research
Center - St John's Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Zhigang Liu, Ph.D.
Thesis title: Crystallographic, Molecular Dynamics, and Enzymatic Studies of Multi-Drug Resistant HIV-1 Protease and Implications for Structure Based Drug Design.
Advisor: Dr.  Ladislau Kovari
Current position: Cardiology Fellow, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Victoria Murray, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Development of an in-cell FRET technique to study protein structure inside living cells
Advisor: Dr. Jianjun Wang
Current Position: Research Fellow - University of Michigan, Manchester, Michigan

Carrie O’Connor, M.S.
Thesis title: Generation and Characterization of the Protein-Induced Pluripotent Stem (piPS) Cells
Advisor: Dr. Jianjun Wang

Yong Wang, Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Drug Resistance Mechanisms and Drug Desing Strategies for Human Immunodefieiency
Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Proteases
Advisor: Dr. Ladislau Kovari
Current Position: Lecturer, Central South University XiangYa School of Medicine, Hunan, China